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We guarantee your aquatic life will arrive in great condition. In the rare case that your order arrives DOA (Dead on Arrival) please notify us within 2 hours of delivery.

Please document any DOA's with photos (JPG) and clear video within 2hrs or receiving (failure to do so voids guarantee).

If your fish arrives in questionable condition, please acclimate properly regardless, some fish suffer ph depression and will recover if drip acclimated slowly and document via high quality video and photos. Low quality videos or photos will not be excepted.

Each Arrive Alive claim is reviewed individually, with special consideration given to the various factors and circumstances that can affect the livelihood of the animal.

Specially discounted fish or inverts are only covered by alive arrival guarantee. This does not include sale items on front page. This only includes if a special price was issued.

Shipping carrier delays, weather delays, mechanical failure etc. which result in loss will not be covered. Orders shipped to a UPS hold facility must be picked up within the first 2 hours of opening time. A partial credit may be considered depending on circumstances.

Shipping charges are non refundable*

Guarantee Options:

1. All Fish are automatically covered under the Arrive Alive Guarantee unless otherwise specified.


DO NOT refuse delivery for any reason. Doing so will void all warranty/guarantees.

DO NOT dispose or freeze the fish in question. Doing so will void all warranty/guarantees.

If fish is DOA in bag, DO NOT open and document with photo and video.

If a fish jumps out of a tank and dies, warranty is void.

If a fish gets beaten up by other fish and this results in death, warranty is void.

Fish documented after clean up crew has eaten it up, or body is destroyed will not be covered.

Warranty's are not transferable, if ownership of the fish is transferred warranty is void. All claims will be given store credit, or replacement if available, refunds (of animal) are taken case by case. Any additional shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Replacements are only covered under the arrive alive guarantee only*

Must contact via email or text with picture and video and must be provided within 2 hours of delivery. Please provide a clear, high resolution, digital photograph(s) and high quality video of the animal in question. Low quality pictures or video will not be accepted.

We are not responsible for any losses due to improper care.*

*Please take the time and do the research on the compatibility of the fish, and whatever else you have in in your aquarium with the new fish you are considering. This also includes tank size, water volume and composition(i.e. salinity, pH, and ect.).

If you have any questions or need to contact us we are available at


Please be aware of the possible toxicity of Zoanthids and Palythoa species. Although the risk of palytoxin poisoning is rare, the risks are not to be taken lightly. Zoa Collector assumes no responsibility or liability in relation to the dangers of zoanthid/paly handling.